Terms of Use
Thread Sketches Designs are Copyright 2000-2004 by Stephanie Potts.
These designs and the data used to generate them are copyrighted,
both as a visual art and the text that makes up the computer data. I
retain ownership of them. You, as the purchaser, have the right to use
the designs for embroidery on fabric or other material for personal use
and limited resale on embroidered items. The designs and the data may
not be duplicated, rebundled, altered (except for customizing with
lettering ), given away, loaned, resold, or shared in any form. You may
not give designs away as a gift. No other permission is written or
implied. If you desire to use these designs for mass production you must
contact me to make arrangements. Every effort is made to insure
design quality. Thread Sketches will not be held liable for any damages
or losses incurred as a result of using these designs. Your purchase of
designs or download of sample designs signifies your agreement to these
terms. Any and all legal action will be taken in the event of a copyright
violation. Sales are to individuals only, no corporations or groups. Legal rememdies will be sought in the state of Oregon.

The copyright for Bobbie Saves the Day, a Bunnyfly Tale, is different
from the design copyright. The designs in the set are subject to the
terms above, however, the book has different stipulations. The book,
either the preillustrated or embroidery ready pages may not be used for
commercial use or profit in any manner. The book is for personal use
only or to be given as a gift. The title page must accompany any copy
of the book you make or print to keep or give as a gift.

Please ask questions before ordering. There is no refund for software
(designs) after delivery. If the files are corrupt or a disk is defective or
an incorrect size or format is ordered, I will help you with this. However,
only the set purchased will be replaced.